The Building Process

Get Qualified – We can help you get pre-qualified to determine what price home will best suit your budget.

Meet with us – Sit down with us and share how you plan on living in your home as well as defining what spaces and amenities are important to you. This will allow us to better meet your needs and expectations in the plan design process.

Choose Your Lot – Symphony Homes has lots available in Killeen, Belton, Nolanville, and Harker Heights, but we are not limited to location. Symphony Homes can help you find a lot in your desired area in Central Texas. We can also build on a lot that you currently own or are buying.

Plans, Specifications and Contract – During the early planning stages, we will complete the plan design process, develop the specifications and arrive at the contract price. When completed, the contract will be written and executed. You will be an active participant in these processes.

Selection and Colorization Process – During the selection process, you have the opportunity to expand upon the features you have developed up to this point. You will meet with our design consultant who will guide you through choosing every detail of your dream home. Examples of things chosen during the selection process are colors for the Brick, Shingles, Walls, Trim, Tile Flooring, Granite Counter Tops and much, much more. This process will totally define what products and design features are going into your new home.

Pre-Start Meeting – Meet with our Construction Manager at your lot to discuss positioning of your home and review your specifications and color option addendum for building. This also allows you to know who will be managing the day to day construction of your new home. Although we have certain planned meetings for you at the property, we encourage you to visit the site regularly and communicate any concerns you might have. Our construction time is generally four to five months.

Pre-Drywall Meeting – Before the drywall is installed in your new home, we would like to have the opportunity to show you the framing, electrical, HVAC, and insulation so that you can have a peace of mind of how everything has been done at this stage. Also, this will give you an opportunity to critique the location of any specific wiring, etc., prior to being covered up.

Final Walkthrough / Orientation – Learn about your new home as the Construction Manager takes you through and explains how your home works. This is the time to go through each room of the home to make sure every detail meets your expectations. Additionally our Operations Manager will fully explain our warranty process.

Sign Off / Closing – You will meet back at your property to review any walk through items and sign off prior to closing.

Service After the Sale – Symphony Homes will be there to assist you with any warranty items in your new home.

State: In addition to the Symphony Homes Expressed Limited Warranty, we also furnish all our buyers with a third party 10 year warranty.